Danielle Sade Williams

      @Fashionably.dsade | 22   |Baltimore, MD (Jersey Native)

     @Fashionably.dsade | 22 |Baltimore, MD (Jersey Native)

What are some challenges you face in trying to be confident?

Today, I face the constant struggle of being the girl who is in the "middle" when it comes to body acceptance and placement. I am deemed too small for plus size, but too big for the average female. Putting me in a place of feeling like I didn't belong anywhere and my voice didn't matter. Overcoming these insecurities didn't happen overnight, but took years as God showed me my purpose in life. He started placing me in situations that shined the light on who I was on the inside. I started to stand stronger each day and believe the words that came out of my own mouth.

Danielle Sade Williams

What has been your journey to becoming a confident woman?

My journey to confidence is one of a kind and is still one that is being traveled. I always struggled with finding the balance of exhibiting confidence on the inside and out, Most times, I would speak confidence on the outside, but inside feel alone and ugly. It was hard to believe the positive words coming from family and loved ones because I looked for acceptance from society.


"Never ask a woman to conform her figure to fashion, rather bring fashion to the figure."







What advice do you have for other women?

My advice to every queen that is struggling to find her misplaced crown is to trust in yourself and be your own motivation. Never conforming to the world, but have the world conform to you. Believing that every trial and tribulation in life is never a mistake, but a lesson learned.