The “I am Every Woman Project” showcases real women in their natural state of being. This project is raw and uncut. The women in these photos represent every day women and their every day insecurities. Insecurities that not only they may face, but some of you may deal with them too. These Images tell a story of five women who’ve made the statement they are tired of hiding, tired of fearing what others have to say, and tired of living in others truths. These five women dared to share their dirty little secrets with you all in hopes of encouraging and inspiring those like them to reveal themselves. It’s about the encouragement To STOP hiding, to START living, to START loving, To START doing the things others and you yourself thought you couldn’t do. 

“I am every woman” is the representation of all women, the everyday “Girl next door” kind of woman. It is the statement that we can do all things. Listen to the lyrics and allow the words to settle in…

“Whatever you want, whatever you need
Anything you want done baby,
I'll do it naturally
'Cause I'm every woman (every woman)
It's all in me, it's all in me, yeah!”

This project is a representation of you, of me, and most importantly of US as women. We don’t have one look, and we don’t have one vibe. We are universal! Make today the last time you hide from your insecurities. Make today the last of excuses as to why you haven’t done all that you’ve wanted to do. Things do not grow and heal in the dark; it is light that makes it flourish. 

You know the song where future sings, “Mask Off, Fuck it Mask Off?” Well today I encourage you to say FUCK IT MASK OFF!