Fat Girls Need Love Too

Fat Chicks Need Love Too !

"Fat chicks need love too, well I’m a fat chick and I don’t need love from you."

I dislike the age old saying “Fat chicks need love too “. The saying is such a back handed compliment, a double entendre. As if being fat means I shouldn’t be loved already. It is almost like I should be happy somebody or anybody for that matter loves me because I am bigger and due to the fact that I have extra love handles that you probably can’t handle in the first place, I need your love too. I need some special kind of love because ME being a WOMAN isn’t enough! Being human isn’t enough for your love. 

Fat women and girls have been in their own category because that statement along suggest that we’re in a box of our own, that it takes a certain type of person to love us because truly we must be a different species of woman. We don’t exactly get to be normal because cellulite looks like a roller coaster ride on our thighs and our bodies are wide enough to have its own gravitational pull.

Sadly for years fat women and girls have been walking around taking this insult as a compliment because they lack confidence in themselves to know that they don’t need love too they need love period. Fat women are accepting any and everything, and not setting the standard.  You DO NOT have to accept whatever is thrown your way. WE HAVE OPTIONS! Women period have options. We can pick and choose and just like with food if it isn’t done right throw the whole plate away on sight.


We don’t need your love too; we need love PERIOD, because we are HUMAN. We just have a couple more pounds to love on but our hearts bleed and break like “Normal” ( and I use that term lightly because what is normal anyway.) women. So the next time someone says “Fat chicks need love too” DO NOT accept that as a compliment because of your size. A queen is a queen, why you think crowns come in different sizes.