I'm Every Woman....


“I’m every woman, it’s all in me...Anything you want done baby I do it naturally….”

                I could hear the late Whitney Houston blasting through my speakers on my way home from work. I sang as loud as I could, belting out each note while hitting my bop.  This moment was funny, because anyone who knows me knows I can’t sing. Tone deaf to say the least, but here in my car no one could tell me anything. It was late nights like these I appreciated. Moments like this where nothing and no one could tell me anything. In my car it was the place I could be alone with my windows rolled down, music blasting, while the wind blows through my hair – they’re moments I appreciate the most.

This particular day was one of those days that hit me hard. After posting photos on social media I received some backlash from a few internet trolls who had time that day to remind me of how fat I really was and well….Fuck them right? At least that should have been my response, but it wasn’t.  While my feelings weren’t hurt I couldn’t help but think about how many other women feared posting their vulnerable bodies online because they knew that once they hit post it would be out there for the world to see and judge. It dawned on me that so many women, hell even men were fearful of exposing their insecurities to the world because they knew someone somewhere would make it their business to tell them how much they hated it. These people who hid behind their keyboards with nothing better to do but insult others while they live perfectly normal lives (inserts sarcasm) 

I felt a heavy lump in my chest and got real emotional because while I had built up confidence over the years the comments made me rethink so much.  My biggest fear when I initially started Dear Fat GirlTM, and wanting to expose it to the world to promote body positivity and make women, especially fat women feel good about themselves, were the internet trolls. These People who prowl just to comment hateful things.I never understood why, and shortly I began to realize that usually these nasty comments were in fact reflections of their selves. People usually project their hate onto others. Crazy ass people please do us a favor and get a life, or leave ours alone. 


Social media leaves you vulnerable and susceptible to criticism to people you do not know and criticism that you did not ask for. But honestly, fuck the hate and post on. Why should you not post yo shit? Do your thing mama! It took a while for me to get here and I didn’t wake up this way. I use to care, I wanted to be what others wanted me to be and I suffered. I failed because who I was supposed to be wasn’t what others wanted me to be.  

These were my thoughts as I drove down 83 south bound almost missing my exit.

Whitney Houston continued to play over and over again. More than anything I was excited to introduce to the world my latest project. I’m every woman meant so much in that moment because it meant that as a woman I am able. I am worthy, I am lovable, I am everything that the universe had intended for me to be and I knew that it was time to share that with you all. 

This project was something the world needed to see even if they didn’t want to see it. The truth about women and what we face. This project is raw and uncut. 

Its time to let the world know that WE ARE EVERY WOMAN!